Beautiful, hand-crafted memorial urns to celebrate someone special.
Made with eco-friendly natural materials.

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Work in progress
Using "rough" drafts as above, I offer choices
about how to best express people's wishes...

Making contact with me is the key to creating the perfect individual eco-urn. Our conversation begins. Your idea may be fully formed in which case I only have to agree it and make it happen. However, often discussion can really bring out wishes and memories, freeing the imagination. It can be inspiring to refer to the gallery to see what the possibilities are. Being handmade no two are identical so even a replica will be unique. Alternatively, an eco-urn that you like on the gallery can be tailored to your particular specifications, or a Classic eco-urn may be decorated with the appropriate theme, colours, images of your choice.

A completely Unique Design is a cooperative creation with you supplying the content while I find the best way to make your thoughts a reality.

I'm happy to work with your photos as references and can supply rough drawings which can provide more direct communication than words.

The eco-urns have a standard capacity unless otherwise specified. On request, I can supply double capacity size, smaller sizes, matching urns for sharing with family & friends or water urns (biodegradable eco-urns designed to either float a while and then sink, or simply sink).

We can explore how best to achieve the desired result to suit your budget.

All email and phone conversations are confidential.


Classic eco-urn (single) - off white or brown paper, text included : £100

Decorated Classic and Unique Designs- based on the time taken on design and construction: Price on Application.

Non UK shipping: individual arrangement

Call Annie Leigh on:
01379 677344


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