Beautiful, hand-crafted memorial urns to celebrate someone special.
Made with eco-friendly natural materials.

Decorated Classic

Decorated Classic

A Classic eco-urn may be personalised with a theme, colour, design, image, collage to express the personality and passions of the person memorialised.

A fascinating range of originality and imagination is displayed in the gallery.

Open out the "Brown Paper and Leaves" collection to see how varied they are even though the materials are similar.

Your Own Designs - your original artwork faithfully copied onto the urn! See below for details.

Your Own Designs - a collaborative venture

You are invited to supply your own designs, artwork, texts, photocopies, materials etc.

Working with them, I'll create your totally original urn

  • Your original artwork faithfully copied onto the urn
  • Family and friends contributions (text/drawings) incorporated into the urn design
  • Your favourite photos photocopied and collaged onto the urn
  • Decorated to your specifications
  • Any combination of the techniques above!
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